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CPR Face Shields

CPR Face Shields reduce the risk of blood and saliva contact between rescuer and patient and with branded names such as Laerdal, Microkey and Microshield, MedTree supply a wide selection of CPR Face Shields.

From packs of 1000 individually sealed CPR Face Shields through to singles with key ring attachmentsMedTree offers latex free, disposable, lightweight and pocket sized CPR Face Shields.

Order any of the CPR Face Shields online and receive free carriage for all deliveries within the UK.

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Ambu Res-Cue Key CPR Face Shield
Ambu Res-Cue Key CPR Face Shield Refill
ArrestPAC with ACLS PitCard (UK Protocols)
ArrestPAC with ACLS PitCard (US Protocols)
Laerdal Face Shield (Pack of 10)
Laerdal Face Shield (Pack of 50)
Laerdal Face Shield (Single)
Laerdal Face Shield Keyring (Pack of 25)
Laerdal Face Shield Keyring (Single)
Laerdal Face Shield Refills (Pack of 50)
Microkey CPR Barrier Key Chain
Microkey-Pro CPR Barrier Key Chain
Microshield CPR Barrier (Orange)
Microshield CPR Barrier with Tamper Evidence Pouch & Gloves
Microshield Plus CPR Barrier with Tamper Evident Pouch
Rebreath CPR Face Shield (with Filter Paper)
Rebreath CPR Face Shield (with One-Way Valve)
Rebreath CPR Face Shield Keyring (with One-Way Valve)
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