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Laerdal Medical is a company dedicated to helping save lives with the manufacturing of products for CPR training, Airway Management, Advanced Life Support Training, Spinal Motion restriction, Trauma Training, Defibrillation, Patient Simulation made for using traditional basic, intermediate and advanced training techniques combined with micro simulation and virtual reality.

MedTree supply an extensive range of products manufactured by Laerdal. This large range available for purchase includes; the AED Trainer 3, Baby/Little/Resusci Anne (and disposable airways), BaXstrap Spineboard, Choking Charlie, Face Masks/Face Shields, Heart Start FR2/FR3, Silicone Resuscitator, the Stifneck Select Collar and many more products. With MedTree supplying over 140 of Laerdal's products, we hope to meet all your needs for this manufacturers products.

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Laerdal CPRmeter
Laerdal CPRmeter
Laerdal Crash Kelly
Laerdal Crash Kelly
Laerdal Crash Kelly Advanced Trauma Modules
Laerdal Crash Kelly Neck Cradle
Laerdal Crash Kelly Pad Assembly (Am Glureal Inj)
Laerdal Crash Kelly Pad Assembly (Am Ventral Gluteal Inj)
Laerdal Crash Kelly Pad Assembly (Thigh)
Laerdal Crash Kelly Teeth Set
Laerdal Face Mask - Baby Anne (Pack of 6)
Laerdal Face Mask - Little & Resus Junior (Pack of 6)
Laerdal Face Mask Ethnic - Baby Anne (Pack of 6)
Laerdal Face Mask Ethnic - Little & Resus Junior (Pack of 6)
Laerdal Face Shield (Pack of 10)
Laerdal Face Shield (Pack of 1000)
Laerdal Face Shield (Pack of 50)
Laerdal Face Shield (Single)
Laerdal Face Shield Keyring (Pack of 25)
Laerdal Face Shield Keyring (Single)
Laerdal Face Shield Refills (Pack of 50)
Laerdal Face Skin - Little & Resusci Anne (Pack of 6)
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