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5.11 Tactical Sunglasses

In an effort to cover you from "head to toe", 5.11 Tactical has developed high quality protective shooting glasses and eyewear for Law Enforcement and the gun enthusiast. 5.11 understand how important eye protection is both on the job and at the range and this range of 5.11 tactical eyewear and polarised sunglasses exceeds the demands of virtually any situation. Here at MedTree we offer the full range of 5.11 Tactical Sunglasses which are all available with FREE Delivery to the United Kingdom!

If you can't find the exact 5.11 Tactical Sunglasses you are looking for, please email or call us free on 08000 112 999 and a customer service representative will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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5.11 Accelar Sunglasses w/ 3 Lenses (Charcoal)
5.11 Accelar Sunglasses w/ 3 Lenses (Matt Black)
5.11 Aileron Shield Sunglasses
5.11 Burner FF Sunglasses
5.11 Burner FF Sunglasses (Polarised)
5.11 Burner HF Sunglasses
5.11 CAVU FF Sunglasses (Polarised)
5.11 CAVU HF Sunglasses Lenses
5.11 Climb Sunglasses (Polarised)
5.11 Deflect Sunglasses Lenses

5.11 Deflect Sunglasses Lenses
£18.75 £10.00
5.11 Elevon FF Sunglasses (Charcoal)
5.11 Elevon FF Sunglasses (Matt Black)
5.11 Raid Sunglasses
5.11 Raid Sunglasses Lenses
5.11 Shear Sunglasses
5.11 Shear Sunglasses (Polarised)
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