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ACT has been developed as a guide to survive the cause and effects of an emergency whether it’s general accidents, the effects of mother nature or as a result of human conflicts such as terrorism or crime.

When a tragedy strikes, seconds do count, and help may take minutes to arrive.

The ACT System is quick, easy and simple to learn so it can be recalled and utilised under duress, without it impacting everyday life.

ACT is a mindset and a skill set, as such it will develop with practice to the point it becomes non-intrusive to normal life.

As well as learning the ACT system it is important to have the appropriate, purpose-built kit to be able to 'TREAT' and control massive bleeding to prevent blood loss. The environment is challenging enough without having to improvise solutions with the focus and time required distracting you from changing events.

The range of ACT equipment includes individual carry Personal Aid Kit's (PAK's), multiPAK's designed for mass casualty response within communities as well as the ACT-Tourniquet, a simple and intuitive 'pull and stretch' tourniquet for self-application or for other casualties.

All ACT equipment is supplied with FREE delivery as standard with all online orders. If you are not sure which ACT bleeding control kit is for you or your organisation please contact us all call us on 01952 56 56 56 and we will be happy to help you.

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ACT-multiPAK Bleeding Kit (Celox)
ACT-multiPAK Bleeding Kit (W/Clot)
ACT-multiPAK Mini Bleeding Kit (Celox)
ACT-multiPAK Mini Bleeding Kit (W/Clot)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Advanced - Celox)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Advanced - W/Clot)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Basic)
ACT-Tourniquet (Orange/Black)
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