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ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kits

ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kit's are small, cost-effective, vacuum sealed and waterproof pouches containing the items required to immediately treat massive bleeding and help save lives in the event of an emergency.

Developed in conjunction with the ACT Emergency Response System, they are available either in a variety of configurations as individual pouches suitable for individual carry or as multiPAK system for mass casualty response, ACT-PAK's are the ideal solution for bleeding and haemorrhage control.

All ACT-PAK kits are available with FREE UK delivery as standard but if at any point you can't find what you are looking for please call us on 01952 56 56 56 or email us and we will be happy to help.

Alternatively, why not build your own custom ACT-PAK or custom ACT-multiPAK using our custom bleeding pack builders.

Traditional first aid places airway as a priority, but in trauma care Massive Bleeding comes first. Without blood, the oxygen supplied to the lungs cannot be transported to the rest of the body and as such the cells die. Stopping massive bleeding is simple when you know how and the ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kit provides a simple and detailed process to use it’s contents to STOP bleeding, TREAT airway and breathing injuries and SAVE lives.

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ACT-PAK for Individual Carry
ACT-PAK for Individual Carry
ACT-PAK for Mass Casualty
ACT-PAK for Mass Casualty
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ACT-multiPAK Bleeding Kit (Celox)
ACT-multiPAK Bleeding Kit (W/Clot)
ACT-multiPAK Mini Bleeding Kit (Celox)
ACT-multiPAK Mini Bleeding Kit (W/Clot)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Advanced - Celox)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Advanced - W/Clot)
ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Basic)
ACT-Tourniquet (Orange/Black)
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