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Oral Airways

With a wide range of sizes and availability of different colours for easy identification, MedTree supply a complete selection of oral airway medical equipment. From Laryngeal mask to Guedel airwaysMedTree's oral airways supplies include brand names such as Fannin and Marshall.

All of the oral airways medical supplies come with free delivery within the UK when ordered through the website.

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Airtraq Optical Laryngoscope
Airtraq Optical Laryngoscope Clip-On Camera
Ambu Laryngeal Mask
Ambu Laryngeal Mask
Bound Tree Oral Airway Kit
CobraPLA Perilaryngeal Airway
Colour Coded Guedel Airway
Combitube Airway - Tray
Combitube Airway - Tube Only
Combiture Airway - 41FR Trainer
ET Tube (Cuffed)
ET Tube (Cuffed)
ET Tube (Uncuffed)
Fannin Laryngeal Mask
Flexi-Set ET Tube w/ Stylette (Cuffed)
Flexi-Set ET Tube w/ Stylette (Uncuffed)
i-gel Supraglottic Airway
i-gel Supraglottic O2 Resus Pack
LMA Supreme
LMA Supreme
LMA Unique
LMA Unique
Marshall Silicone Single Use LAD
Oral Airway (Infant / Newborn)
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