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Expanding the Prestan CPR Manikin Range

We have recently added two new models to our CPR training range, these include the unique Adult Jaw Thrust Manikin and the UltraLite manikin (4 pack).

A Guide to Haemostatic Gauzes

Overall 25% of severely injured patients have an established trauma-induced coagulopathy on arrival to the emergency department. These complications can be successfully prevented with the use of a haemostatic gauze.

IP Ratings Explained

IP ratings in short are a dust and water rating which classifies the level of protection an electrical item (in this case AED’s) have against the intrusion of dust and water.

Social Distancing First Aid

Did you know? The British Red Cross claims that only 5% of adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergencies. With each passing day, the UK population is having to adapt to changes in their lifestyle...

Choosing the Right CPR Manikin

Providing training with a high-quality manikin will ensure for the best training experience and will enable the trainee to save lives in a real-life emergency.

The Right Way to Disinfect

Good cleaning practices reduce microorganisms in the environment, which can lead to a reduction in the incidence of HCAI’s, protecting patients, staff and reducing hospital spending.

Which ADC Stethoscope is Right for Me?

ADC has made finding the right stethoscope easier. Splitting out the stethoscopes based on their purpose allows for the user to find exactly what they need at first glance making the only difficult task choosing a colour.

Advanced Airway Management

Airway management is required when a patient is anaesthetised or when the patient’s airway is inadequate i.e. obstructed. Airway management is a set of manoeuvres and medical procedures performed to help relieve airway obstruction.

Stay safe this bonfire night. How to easily treat burns with pre-hospital management.

The 5th of November is a memorable event for the whole family sparked by bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. But it is easy to forget the dangers surrounding the event particularly when children are involved.