Custom Shop Terms

MedTree Custom Shop Terms and Conditions of Business 

When ordering a MedTree Custom Shop item you are providing authorisation to MedTree to customise a standard product with the options provided.

If you choose that a proof is NOT required when ordering, we will proceed with producing your item.

If you choose that a proof IS required, we will only produce your item once written approval is provided.

All items within the MedTree Custom Shop are subject to our standard terms and conditions (which can be viewed here) with the exception of returns. Our returns policy for MedTree Custom Shop products are as follows:

Returns for Custom Items within the MedTree Custom Shop

Goods ordered through the MedTree Custom Shop are customised with specific requirements thus making them uneligible for return.

If a MedTree Custom Shop item is faulty and eligible for replacement or repair under the standard manufacturer warranty we will replace or repair the item to match the original item ordered. If the standard product that was customised is no longer available, a suitable alternative will be provided. Under no circumstances will MedTree change the custom options originally ordered.

Returning goods to the seller is the responsibility of the buyer.

Any alleged defects or delivery shortages must be notified, in writing by the Buyer to MedTree within 3 days of delivery. Complaints in respect of alleged defects will not be grounds for the Buyer to withhold payments, and give no right of set-off against payment due from the Buyer to MedTree.

In the event of a delivery shortage or defect, MedTree will only provide a direct replacement of that ordered with the exact custom options originally provided at point of order. Under no circumstances will MedTree change the custom options.

Under no circumstances will MedTree be liable for:

i)  Defects or damage resulting from fair wear and tear, neglect, improper use by the Buyer, or failure of the Buyer to comply with the manufacturer's instructions. 
ii)  Goods which have been adjusted, altered, adapted or repaired in addition to those made in the MedTree Custom Shop.
iii)  The suitability of any Goods for any particular purpose or use whether or not the purpose or conditions were communicated to the seller. 

All MedTree Custom Shop items are NOT eligible for return as specified above unless explicitly agreed, by MedTree in writing beforehand.  

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