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Haemorrhage Control

MedTree stock a large array of haemorrhage control medical equipment which include brand names such as Celox, QuikClot and TraumaFix, all of which are available over a range of different products. From bandages and dressings through to haemostats and tourniquets as well as the innovative WoundClot Haemostatic Gauze Dressings, MedTree supply haemorrhage control medical equipment applicable to a wide range of scenarios, including complete haemorrhage kits.

All of MedTree's haemorrhage control medical equipment is eligible for free delivery within the UK when orders are placed through the website.

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Haemorrhage Control Kits
Haemorrhage Control Kits
Trauma Bandages
Trauma Bandages
Trauma Dressings
Trauma Dressings
WoundClot Haemostatic Gauze Dressings
WoundClot Haemostatic Gauze Dressings
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ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kit for Bleeding Control (Advanced)
ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kit for Bleeding Control (Basic)
ACT-Tourniquet (Orange/Black)
AirWrap Compression Bandage (4 inch)
Blast Bandage (10cm x 180cm)
Bloodstopper Trauma Dressing
Bound Tree Compact Haemorrhage Kit
Bound Tree Compact Haemorrhage Pouch
Bound Tree Critical Haemorrhage Kit
CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet (Black)
CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet (Orange)
Cederroth Bloodstopper Bandage (Large)
Cederroth Bloodstopper Bandage (Mini)
Celox Gauze (7.6cm x 3m)
Celox Haemostatic Granules (15g)
Celox Haemostatic Granules (35g)
Celox Prefilled Applicator Delivery System (6g)
Celox Rapid Haemostatic Z-Fold Gauze
Celox Training Gauze
Celox Z-Fold Gauze
Celox Z-Fold Gauze
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