ACT Emergency Response System

ACT Emergency Response System for Terrorist Events

ACT has been developed as a guide to survive the cause and effects
of an emergency whether it’s general accidents, the effects of mother nature or
as a result of human conflicts such as terrorism or crime.

When a tragedy strikes, seconds do count, and help may take minutes to arrive.

The ACT System is quick, easy and simple to learn
so it can be recalled and utilised under duress, without it impacting everyday life.


Designed for individual carry,
the ACT PAKs are pocket sized
Personal Aid Kit’s providing the
tools for ACT

Designed as a
Mass Casualty Response Kit containing
multiple ACT PAKs to be placed
within communities

A simple, cost-effective and
intuitive 'pull and stretch' tourniquet
self-application or for
other casualties


ACT has been developed as a guide to survive the cause and effects
of an emergency whether it’s general accidents, the effects of mother nature or
as a result of human conflicts such as terrorism or crime.

ACT is a mindset and a skill set, as such it will develop with practice to
the point it becomes non-intrusive to normal life.

To empower the public with the knowledge, skills and equipment
to survive a threat and it’s effects


1. Develop the RESPONSE-ABILITY to ACT in the time-frame between the
onset of an emergency and the arrival of professional help.

2. Prepare the Public in a manner that reduces the fear
surrounding the risks of harmful events occurring.

3. Evolving the ACT mindset so people can react
effectively in a time of need.

4. Giving the public the IMMEDIATE ACTIONS required
to survive the cause of such events.

5. Giving the public the COMMUNICATE skills to observe the environment
form choices and act, interact with others and activate help.

6. Giving the public lifesaving EXTENDED ACTIONS or TREAT
skills to address the effects of harm until help arrives.








As well as learning the ACT system it is important to have the appropriate,
purpose-built kit to be able to 'TREAT'.
 The environment is challenging
enough without having to improvise solutions 
with the focus and time required
distracting you from changing events.

The range of ACT equipment includes individual carry Personal Aid Kit's (PAK's),
multiPAK's designed for mass casualty response within communities as well as
the ACT-Tourniquet, a simple and intuitive 'pull and stretch' tourniquet
for self-application or for other casualties.


There are several methods and equipment that can be used to stop bleeding, and they all have one thing in common – compressing a bleeding blood vessel to stop the bleeding. Below are the just a handful of Haemorrhage Control products that can help stop bleeding if someone, including yourself, is injured.

Tourniquets are for use on life-threatening bleeds from an arm or leg. When secured and tightened around the injured arm or leg, this piece of equipment will arrest blood flow to the limb. There are two main types of tourniquet: the type which you wrap and tuck e.g. the ACT-Tourniquet or the SWAT-T Tourniquet; and the type you tighten with a dowel/windlass e.g. the CAT Tourniquet, SOFTT-T Tourniquet or the SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet. Most of which will be available in either Black or Orange.

Trauma Bandages are specifically designed to provide compression, stop severe bleeding and promote clotting to protect almost all types of wounds. The proper application of a pressure bandage after a serious injury could save your life or someone else’s. Branded products such as the H&H PriMed, Blast Bandage, Olaes Bandage, The Emergency Bandage (also known as the Israeli Bandage) are all designed for a number of purposes including military, emergency and training. There is also a standard, non-branded Trauma Dressing available.

Chest Seals By placing a chest seal over a sucking chest wound (SCW), entry of air through the SCW is stopped, improving breathing, and reducing the risk of fatal complications. Traditionally, a dressing taped on three sides was utilised to accomplish a one way seal over a SCW however, this practice has been largely replaced with the use of a variety of chest seal products such as the Russell Chest Seal, the Foxseal Chest Seal, the Bolin Chest Seal, and the Asherman Chest Seal. Find out more about Chest Seal: Sucking Chest Wounds here.

Haemostatic Dressings - Haemostatics are designed to stop the flow of blood from open vessels through the accelerated promotion of clotting. All haemostatics apart from the WoundClot range are designed to be used with direct pressure at the site of the bleed – even going as far as pressure directly onto the bleeding artery which may be deep within the wound if necessary. Haemostats are available as either a powder, like Celox Haemostatic Granules, or as a Haemostatic Gauze/Dressing such as the WoundClot range, Celox Z-Fold Gauze and Celox Rapid Haemostatic Gauze, the QuikClot 1st Response and the Chito-SAM 100 Haemostatic Z-Fold Dressing. All of these haemostatics need training in order to use EXCEPT for the WoundClot ABC range. WoundClot ABC (Advanced Bleeding Control) is specifically designed for first aid and pre-hospital treatment and is suitable for use by non-trained personnel including First Aid and First Responders. WoundClot ABC is a minor injury treatment kit with a range of sizes including 5 x 5cm, 5cm x 10cm and 10 x 10 cm, allowing the caregiver to manage bleeding on a variety of wounds in an affordable and effective manner.


Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. The more people know how to control bleeding in an injured patient, the greater the chances of surviving that injury. You can help save a life by knowing how to stop bleeding if someone, including yourself, has suffered a serious injury.

HSE Guidance has evolved recently and, following extensive use and research, evidence suggests that tourniquets & haemostatic dressings are effective, save lives and have a low rate of complications following application. The HSE in short recommends checking whether your workplace First Aid Needs Assessment, or potential environment for use, would necessitate the need for a tourniquet and/or haemostatic dressing. For example, an office environment would not usually need one due to the risk of severe bleeding incidents being very low. In contrast, somewhere that operates heavy machinery which has a larger risk of severe injury or catastrophic bleeding may wish to consider these as an option. On the same note, larger public areas like shopping centres and tourist attractions would need to be more prepared for a variety of potential mass casualty incidents such as fire, gas explosions, flooding or human conflicts like terrorism.

The view of the HSE is that the inclusion of these items is based on your First Aid Needs Assessment and examples of sectors that may benefit from additional training in the use of tourniquets based on RIDDOR data include: construction, agriculture, forestry and some aspects of manufacturing.

No matter how fast the emergency services responds, a person can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. With the right knowledge on how to stop bleeding, and the right access to bleeding control kits and/or products, anyone can act quickly to treat incidents of severe haemorrhage and to stop “life-threatening” bleeding to help save lives.

In order to efficiently treat incidents of massive bleeding, you would need to consider having a Tourniquet, Pressure Bandage, Chest Seal (in the event of a chest wound) and a Haemostatic Dressing. These can all be found in Bleeding Control Kits like the ACT-PAKs. Having access to the right kit at the right time can be the difference in stemming a bleed and saving a life.

ACT-PAKs are perfect for haemorrhage control and for first aid in the event of a crisis and can be stored in the smallest of spaces, out of sight but available if the unthinkable occurs. These easy access, lifesaving packs are suitable for individual carry in a pocket, bag, briefcase, rucksack, etc. and can also be stored away in a secure location like a glove-box, kitchen cupboard, office desk drawer leaving you safe in the knowledge that it will be there sealed until needed.

If your First Aid Needs Assessment recommends the need for something to address a possible case of catastrophic bleeding, then the ACT-PAKs are the most efficient and cost effective way of meeting that need. With a fully customisable service these pouches can be designed to exactly fit your need in a neat, compact and secure manner.  

Bleeding Control Kits like the ACT-PAKs are great on their own but work best when used by an individual who is aware of their environment. The chances of being caught up in an active violence event, or an extreme act of nature, are slim but not impossible. Being prepared really matters and every minute counts. With the right skills and knowledge, you can deliver care to yourself, strangers, your colleagues, friends and family should the unthinkable happen and you are caught up in a terrorist attack or act of nature.

Actions, Communicate, Treat – The ACT System is more than just the ACT-PAKs. ACT is a mindset and a skill set that will allow you and others to make the right decisions in times of “Fog & Friction” in your workplace, school, at a stadium or a shopping centre, on the train, plane, car or trail. It is easy to learn and retain with training available at

There are other initiatives which primarily focus on the aftermath of an emergency event such as terrorist incidents and emergencies including bomb blasts, gunshots/active shooter, stabbing and road traffic accident/collisions. The citizenAID initiative has been designed by military and civilian medics and is aimed at teaching the public how to provide life-saving skills and treatment in the minutes before the emergency services turn up in the event of a terrorist type incident. This initiative, developed by four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians has come about in collaboration with key industries to improve the public's resilience to such an event. Visit to learn more about citizenAID or order the citizenAID Pocket Guide here.

The ACT System is a more complete system which focuses on escaping the cause of the emergency and treating the after effects. The ACT mindset will help you survive and provide the knowledge to save lives if the unthinkable happens.

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