Lewis Pelvic Applicator


Safe & effective pelvic binder application in less than 45 seconds

When dealing with stressful environments, whether it is first aid or roadside critical care, the Lewis Pelvic Applicator™
ensures safe, fast and effective pelvic binder or sling application, facilitating the stabilisation of suspected or indicated pelvic fractures even prior to extrication.


- Facilitates fast, safe and accurate pelvic stabilisation
- Can be applied in under 45 seconds
- Direct to skin pelvic binder application
- Increases patient safety
- Fast, safe and simple to use
- Minimal pelvic movement due to reduced friction
- Single person application


- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Durable - high strength to weight ratio
- Flexible
- Can be used with all pelvic slings and binders
- Reusable
- Easy to clean
- Can be used in almost all scenarios with a variety of application methods including prior to extrication

Serious pelvic injuries are associated with high mortality rates in trauma patients1-2, of which hypovolemia from the resulting haemorrhage is a significant contributing factor1-3.

The use of commercial pelvic binders that can be used in the pre-haemorrhage. hospital environment, provide a simple alternative to surgical fixation and can potentially control unseen haemorrhage. Early application of pelvic binders provides stability and allows clot formation which could prevent further haemorrhage and reduce trauma induced coagulopathy4.

The Lewis Pelvic Applicator™ has been designed to be used in the prehospital and hospital environment to increase the ease of application of pelvic binders by significantly reducing movement during the application process. The product is a unique way of allowing simple and easy application of the desired pelvic binder directly to the skin of the patient in almost all scenarios including prior to extrication.


Application of a pelvic binder can be difficult and cause excessive movement. In patients with a suspected pelvic injury, movement should be minimised to enhance clot formation, reduce pain and arrest unseen haemorrhage.

With the LPA™, these concerns are significantly minimised. The pelvic binder can be applied direct to skin in less than 45 seconds in almost all scenarios including prior to extrication from a vehicle with considerable ease, giving both the user and patient peace of mind during the process.

Simply placing the sling or binder between the two boards of the LPA™ allows the user to slide the device under a patient. From here, a ‘V’ cut is placed in the patients clothing to allow the garment to be rolled down whilst preserving patient modesty, the top board is then removed and the sling can then be applied direct to skin.

This process results in minimal movement of the patients pelvis, significantly reducing the possibility of any clot disruption. This method therefore supports the bodies own healing process and prevents further deterioration and begins to address the lethal trauma triad.

The LPA™ has been designed to facilitate pelvic stabilisation in almost all scenarios including on a long board and prior to extrication from a vehicle.



Lewis Pelvic Applicator™ 550
Dimensions: 55cm x 18cm
Ideal for carrying in a backpack.
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Lewis Pelvic Applicator™ 700
Dimensions: 70cm x 18cm
Ideal for general use.
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Lewis Pelvic Applicator™ 880
Dimensions: 88cm x 18cm
Ideal for bariatric use.
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