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Every Simulaids products is manufactured to the company's exacting quality standards. Simulaids' training aids are easy to use and just as easy to maintain. Every effort is made to provide the consumer with affordable, lifelike, and yet rugged, training equipment for years of use without fail. MedTree bring you over 80 of Simulaids top quality products. The extensive range provided by MedTree include products such as the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit, the Basic Casualty Simulation Kit, the Blood PRessure Training Arm, Fat Old Fred CPR Manikin, Simulaids Adam Adult CPR Training Manikin, Simulaids Randy 9000 Training Manikin, the Simulaids STAT Man Advanced Training Manikin and many more!

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Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit
Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Make-Up Kit
Basic Casualty Simulation Kit
FAST1 Simulaids Training Block
FAST1 Simulaids Training Block Refill Discs (Pack of 4)
Fat Old Fred CPR Manikin
Fat Old Fred CPR Manikin Lung/Airway System (Pack of 24)
Fat Old Fred CPR Manikin Mouth/Nose Pieces (Pack of 10)
Intraosseous (IO) Infusion Trainer Bones (Pack of 10)
Intraosseous (IO) Infusion Trainer Simulator
Intraosseous (IO) Infusion Trainer Skin (Pack of 2)
Life/Form Cricothyrotomy Cartilage Inserts (Pack of 12)
Life/Form Cricothyrotomy Replacement Kit
Life/Form Cricothyrotomy Simulator
Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids Adam Adult CPR Training Manikin
Simulaids Adam Adult CPR Training Manikin (With Electronics)
Simulaids Adult Airway Management Manikin Replacement Lungs
Simulaids Adult Airway Management Training Manikin
Simulaids Advanced Life Support Training Manikin (Full Body)
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