Here at MedTree, we supply an extensive range of medical training equipment and medical training books for all different medical professions. Our range includes CPR Training Manikins, Choking Training Manikins, AED Defib Training and Student Training. Our training aides are designed to be used on CPR certificate first aid training courses, perfect for those who are looking for health and safety training.

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CPR Prompt Infant Training Pack (5 Pack)
CPR Prompt Adult Training Pack (5 Pack)
CPR Prompt Combo Training Pack (7 Pack)
CPR Prompt Training Manikin (Infant)
CPR Prompt Training Manikin (Adult/Child)

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Medical Training Equipment

Our range of CPR manikins are designed to help the user learn CPR skills through responsive feedback.

Amongst the training equipment is a number of popular brands such asAct+Fast, Laerdal, Prestan and Simulaids. Order any of the medical training equipment through MedTree's website and receive FREE delivery within the UK.