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UK owned, a worldwide distributor of over 18,000 first aid and medical products

First aids kits and supplies, medical instruments, hospital equipment, paramedic supplies as well as the full range of 5.11 Tactical clothing. With a fantastic range of products and excellent customer service, MedTree provides an unrivalled service that you can rely on for all your emergency medical needs...

No matter what medical supplies you need, MedTree is the place to come. We have a huge range of medical equipment including first aid supplies, medical instruments, hospital consumables & 5.11 tactical clothing. MedTree has a wide range of first aid supplies, including first aid kits, eye care, bandages, burns care, dressings, sutures, and much more.

We also have everything you need for first aid training equipment for first-aid courses. We have a huge variety of hospital and medical equipment, from splinting & immobilisation, diagnostics such as BP Monitors and ECG Monitoring, resuscitation aids such as AED & Defibrillators and BVM's, Stethoscopes and much more.

For those attending medical training we have a wide range of medical training equipment, AED/Defib Training, Training Books, Models & Skeletons, Moulage & Simulation and Training Manikins.

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