5.11 Boots & Footwear

5.11 Tactical offers top quality tactical boots and trainers at affordable prices that are designed to last. All of the new 5.11 Boots are feature 5.11 Tactical's proprietary Shock Mitigation System that has made 5.11 Tactical Boots the desirable standard as they are designed to stand up against the wear and tear you expect in the most extreme environments. Always guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials, you can feel confident knowing 5.11 Boots will perform beyond your standards.

Here at MedTree we offer the full range of 5.11 Footwear including 5.11 ATAC Boots, 5.11 HRT Urban Boot and 5.11 XPRT Boot as well as the full range of 5.11 socks, laces and other boot accessories. FREE Delivery on all orders delivered to the United Kingdom!

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