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First Responder Kits

MedTree supplies a number of first responder bags in many colours and sizes with defib, O2 and without for quick response medical emergencies. Available from brands such as DynaMed, 5.11 and BoundTree. Order the first responder kits you require easily online today with free delivery for all internet orders delivered to the UK.

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Compact Responder Kit
Quick Response Kit
DynaMed BLS Kit
DynaMed BLS Xtra Kit (Mega Medic Bag)
Paramedic Advanced Student Kit
First Responder Kit (w/o O2 and Defib)
CP Responder Kit (w/o O2 and Defib)
CP Responder Kit (w/o Defib)
First Responder Kit (w/o Defib)
Immediate Care Kit (Backpack)
First Responder Kit (w/o O2)
ILS Responder Kit (w/o O2)
CP Responder Kit (w/o O2)
First Responder Kit (Complete)
ILS Responder Kit (Complete)
CP Responder Kit (Complete)

28 Items

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