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Bags & Kits

Here at MedTree, we offer a wide range of medical equipment bags and emergency medical kits at competitive and cost-effective prices. Our range of medical equipment bags include backpacks, hard cases, barrel bags, Stat packs, waist packs, pouches, rescue kits, military bags, NEANN bags and much more.

Other bags include compact bags, kitted bags, doctors bags and other medical bags
Order the medical bags and kits you require easily online today with FREE delivery for all internet orders delivered to the UK.

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StatPacks G3 First Aid Circulatory Kit
StatPacks G3 First Aid Remedy Kit
StatPacks G3 First Aid Intubation Kit
StatPacks G3 Tidal Volume(BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Medslinger (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Breather (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 QuickLook (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Back Up (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Perfusion (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Load 'N' Go (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Golden Hour (BBP Resistant)

25 Items

per page