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As Australia's largest manufacturer and a leading designer of Emergency Medical Bags and Kits, NEANN offers unparalleled design and construction whilst combining a unique and customisable layout for a wide variety of needs. The NEANN bag range is designed to carry a large range of first aid, intensive care and basic trauma equipment in a clear, organised and easy-to-find layout whilst providing EMS professionals with the ease of getting the equipment they need when they need it most.

NEANN bags are manufactured from the most modern, state of the art materials and have evolved through years of research and development which include a new material called EnvironFrei. This modern material has been independently tested, confirming EnvironFrei as a stronger, longer lasting and more durable product compared to other materials on the market.

Clean Open Designs

With EnvironFrei featuring on all NEANN Emergency Medical Bags and Kits, infectious control issues and cross-contamination are directly addressed. When coupled with design innovations, such as the a-Vector handles which eliminate cross-contamination at the highest area of risk, the NEANN range is fully capable of leading the field as the premier EMS Medical Bag in the UK market today.

Everything Has A Place - And Everything Is In Its Place

With every NEANN bag, there is no need to have search and select issues. NEANN kits feature MEDIS, an innovative solution to provide easy-to-find layouts, assisting the user with the layout of their kit to make sure the user saves time when in a high-stress environment. Your NEANN Medical Bag - Your Way

With years of design experience, NEANN offers a complete range of layouts, and MedTree is delighted to be able to offer a full customisation service in proud partnership with NEANN. Call us on 01952 56 56 56 to discuss your needs today.

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25 Items

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