MedTree Rewards Club

What is MedTree Rewards Club?
MedTree Rewards Club is a free to join loyalty scheme that allows us to say thank you
for shopping with us

How Does It Work?


How Much Will My Voucher Code Be Worth?
For every £1 you spend with MedTree, you will earn 5 points.
The more money you spend during the month, the more points you will earn!

100 points = £1

If you spend £100 during the month you will earn 500 points...
This means you would receive a voucher code for £5.00

How Do I Keep Track Of My Points?
You can keep track of your points and how much they will be worth at the end of the month
by logging into your account online. All you have to do is:

1. Log into your account by clicking on 'Log In' on the header bar
2. Click 'View Rewards Club Points' under the header 'Rewards Club'
3. Your points and how much they will be worth will now be shown

How Do I Use My Voucher Code?
Once you have received your voucher code, you can use it when placing your next order using
one of the following methods: 

1. Add your products to your basket
2. Continue through the checkout process until you reach "Checkout Confirmation"
3. Enter your voucher code in the "Discount Code" box
4. Click "Apply Discount Code"

Call us FREE on 08000 112 999 (International: +44 (0) 1952 56 56 56) and quote your
voucher code to our customer service representatives

Fax your order through to +44 (0) 1952 56 56 57 quoting your voucher code clearly
on the order form

If you have any problems using your MedTree Rewards Club voucher code please contact us.

What Else Do I Get?
Becoming a member of MedTree Rewards Club will not only give you money off voucher codes
each month but you will also get the following benefits:

• Exclusive MedTree Rewards Club Special Offers

• 10% discount on orders placed at our shop in Telford

• Exclusive MedTree Rewards Club Competitions

How Do I Sign Up?
It's simple! Click here to complete the registration form. It's FREE!

 Terms & Conditions Apply - Available on Request

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